Refund Policy

Davela Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 146 185 622) As Trustee For James Family Trust ABN 62 128 768 217
Refund Policy

Each advertisement and listing will have a term of 365 days commencing from the date of its activation. The listing or advertisement will NOT be automatically renewed at the end of the term and it is the sole responsibility of The Advertiser (you) to renew your advertising via the functionality on the website prior to the end of the term. Listings and advertisements that have not been renewed and paid for prior to the end of the current term of your “live” advertising or listing may be deleted at our discretion;

The Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that in the event that you chose to cancel or delete your listing or advertisement prior to the end of the term that there shall be no refund, pro rata payment or compensation paid to you by us.

There shall be no refund issued for advertisers who “change their mind” with regards to their advertising and wish to have their advertising cancelled, even if the advertisement had not yet gone “live” on the directory at the time of the customer changing their mind.

In the event that we cancel or delete The Advertiser’s listing or advertisement for any reason described within these terms and conditions, there shall be no refund, pro rata payment or compensation paid to you by us.

In the event that The Advertiser has a “live” listing or advertisement within a category that we amend the name of and you believe that this amended category name is no longer suitable for your business and you subsequently cancel or delete this listing or advertisement as a result of the amended heading name no longer being suitable, then we shall refund to you (on a pro rata basis) the price paid of the advertisement or listing as at the date of cancellation or deletion, subject to you notifying us in writing at least 7 days prior to cancelling or deleting your listing or advertisement and outlining the reasons for the cancellation.

If a refund is offered by us for any reason, the refund will be given minus any fees (eg PayPal fees, Bank fees etc) that have been / will be incurred by us during all of the transactions.